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“I enlisted Andrews help to gain assistance with what I thought was a focus issue.
I had noticed when it came to certain tasks I would allow myself to be distracted, delaying my progress. After some diving and swift analysis of certain past events, Andrew was able to point out and determine key parts of my past which were still running in present.
Andrew had helped me see the greatness which was inside of me and that my focus problem was more of an avoidance tactic, coming from the sub conscious. I had an emotional shift, restored confidence and a renewed sense of empowerment all within one single session.

Would I recommend Andrew? Absolutely yes. If you are on the fence and are perhaps feeling a little stuck, then do not hesitate to take action!”

“I cannot recommend Andrew enough! His coaching approach is gentle without coddling, and he provides a clarity of thought and perspective that is both refreshing and eye-opening. In the journey towards making dreams and goals a reality, there will always be obstacles and situations with the potential to create self-doubt and negative perspectives. Andrew’s focus and dedication in developing confidence, realizing potential and the power of choice, has taught me to recognize and trust that who I am today is just as capable as the person I will be in the future. Creating awareness of and shifting mindsets has played a large part in taking more intentional steps toward my life goals. Andrew teaches the skills and techniques that you know exist, but aren’t sure how to implement successfully into your life. Anyone who chooses to go on this journey with Andrew will not regret that decision!”

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