What is Empowerment Coaching?

Let’s Start with general Life Coaching first.

Life Coaching can work in a multitude of ways but the focus is always the same, at its core, all life coaching is simply coaching. A Coach is there to provide aide and focus to your goals and dreams, enabling you to reach your potential faster than you may be be able to on your own. Just as a sports coach or personal fitness trainer works with their clients towards a common goal, Life coaching works towards developing goals related to overall quality of life, stress reduction, or self worth.

How is Empowerment Coaching Different?

Empowerment Coaching is a style of life coaching whose primary focus is on developing a solid foundation of belief in one’s self. It is a deeply personal process which requires significant introspection and acceptance of where the client is at, what is serving them in their lives, and what is not, based on their individual value sets. Once those are better understood, the coach will then help develop goals and processes designed to increase personal satisfaction, confidence, and well-being.

Why choose NIS Empowerment Coaching?

Because the simple reality is that Nothing Is Static. Life is always changing, each day, each moment is different from the next, even though some days it certainly doesn’t feel that way. And THAT is exactly why to choose NIS. No matter how redundant life feels, no matter how much each day feels like the same old grind, the same environment, the same friends… At any given moment we can begin to change. We can live the same scenario out in an infinite number of ways. Choose NIS because there is no “Stuck” in life, only the feeling of being stuck.

Choose NIS because I believe in ACTION and PROGRESS. Nothing changes until we make it happen. That is how you take a dream, or a goal and make it a reality. I’m not here to take your money and leave you with a bunch of lofty ideals. I am here to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I have dedicated the last few years of my life to self improvement and learning the skills and techniques to find true success and fulfillment in life. I know the keys to make effective change and I want to pass that on to you, I want to see YOU succeed!

And the last but most important reason to choose NIS? Because I BELIEVE IN YOU! I believe in your potential. We are all the products of our choices, and all equally capable of fulfilling our dreams and desires. I will help you see the power you have over those choices and your life. And then, together, I will help you create that life!

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