About Me

Why hello there everyone!

Certified Life Coach, Certified Master NLP Practicioner, Emotional Intelligence coach, Ho’oponopono and EFT tapping practitioner

I want to be a positive influence in your life and journey.

I love exploring and making new discoveries both in our physical world as well as seeking greater understanding of how we function on a deep internal level. I am passionate about discovering correlations between different ideas across diverse fields and about connections that create new awareness.

I have always been a “restless soul” and, as a result, my journey has taught me a great deal about how to accept, embrace and create change. This is actually what led me to coaching in the first place. I wanted to learn to be more intentional, more effective and more empowered with the changes I wanted to see in my life. As I learned and continued to hone my own skills, I wished someone had been around to help me with this years ago! And, as I realized the increased joy and self worth I felt, I knew I wanted to share it with others.

While much of what I have learned about personal adversity, overcoming challenges, mindset building and creating effective action is the result of intensive study, 20 years of being an avid backpacker and explorer has taught me how to listen effectively to that inner voice and develop trust in the Self. Surprisingly, much of my earlier discoveries about our mental processes and intrinsic motivation has been through years of coaching dog owners in awareness and behavioral techniques. 40+ years of life experience hasn’t hurt either.

We all have our own paths. We each have choices to make that affect our future. No one but you can decide what that journey looks like.  It is my great desire that all of us are able to realize our incredible abilities, as well as have the knowledge and skills to access those abilities in a way that creates lasting positive change in our lives. That is what I seek to offer all of you who allow me to join you in your journey.  I am here to help you acquire the skills, mindsets and belief systems you need to create the life YOU want.

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