“I Am A Giant” Mindset

Let me share a belief I hold that has truly changed the way I exist in this world for the better.

I am a giant. I say that without exclamation for a reason. You see, giants don’t need to yell. Giants are what they are. They see the world around them and their existence within it. A self-aware giant knows it is massive, powerful, and capable. Yes, the giant might sometimes need to check its ego, but it knows it is a being of incredible potential.

So what is the Giant Mindset? It is a way of existing without having to prove anything to the world around you or, more importantly, to yourself.

Imagine if each time you closed your eyes, you began to grow. And as you grow, you become filled with energy and power. Before you know it, you are standing over the trees and buildings around you. Your feet are planted firmly on the ground, but you are looking down and out upon the world. Your gaze is with the horizon, nothing but clouds above you, if even those. Your eyes cast an expansive view of the world, so many pieces that you could not see before. You see the way the streets are structured, the way the hills roll, and how the many aspects of the world around you connect with one another. Both in and above it, you stand. Perhaps people yell at you for growing so large. Perhaps the wind blows galefully. But you can barely hear them, and the wind can no longer sway you. Listen to the peace in this existence. How amazing it feels to be both of and above the world. How joyful to have such an expanded and unobstructed view of the world. Breath in the great solidity of your being. Feel the grounded power sitting patiently inside you, always available, but never needing to take action. You simply are the giant.

In your giant form, you find no more threats. You are at the top of everything. No forces of the world can force you to do anything. Everything, every action, is simply a matter of choice and desire. The world can rage against you. It can try to coerce you. But, it can not change you. You alone choose how to live your life because the chaos of the world has been left behind and below.

This is the giant mindset, my friends.

The ceasing of constantly trying to be more and accepting that you already are more. The knowledge that you already have more inside you to use. The recognition of the massive wellspring of ability and potential available you. That your life isn’t a question of ability.

It is simply a matter of choice.

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