Morning Routines For Non-Morning People

Picture this… You wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to start your day at 6 am. Alarm? Who needs that?! Not you! You are ready to go. You swing out of bed, which you quickly make and head to the bathroom to get yourself prepped for the day. Today is yours to be conquered!

I have known some people like this, and they always impress me. I however, am definitely not among their ranks. If you struggle with kicking your day off the way you want, keep reading.

I am NOT a morning person. With that said, I still wake up, get out of bed, workout first thing, do my bathroom self care and get my dog out for a walk regardless of the weather. How do I get it done regardless of what time of the morning I wake up, or for that matter how “awake” I actually am? Well, it started as a lot of slowly increased effort and willpower, and ended at necessity.

As a non-morning person, getting your routine in place is even MORE essential to your day! You don’t have the advantage of natural focused morning energy. Perhaps, like me, you struggle getting quality sleep even if you do make sure you are in bed for the requisite number of hours. What do you have? All the same abilities to create healthy habits that the rest of us do.

So start small. Start with one thing at a time. Pick one habit. Don’t worry about the 6 a.m. club. Don’t worry about doing everything at once. Decide on ONE HABIT, make enough time to follow through and work on that. When I started my morning workout routine, it was simple. 5 squats, 5 pull-ups and 5 leg lifts and 5 push ups. It took about 60 seconds to complete and I did it with my eyes closed because I just didn’t want to be awake yet. It was just enough to make me do something I didn’t really want to but in 60 seconds I overcame a challenge and created a win. Also, at the end, I was actually AWAKE.

That was where I started, maybe for you, it’s wake up earlier so you don’t have to rush so much to get things done, or take a minute to focus on what you want out of your day. Perhaps you use that hazy time to meditate on how you want to experience your day ( you can do it with your eyes closed). What ever it is, once you get one thing down. And I mean down to the point where it feels wrong if you don’t do it, then add something else. Before you know it, you’ll have a full morning routine. And because you have created them through consistency and they have become habits, your mind and body will actually desire them. You will discover you actually feel your best when you get up even on those more challenging mornings and follow through.

Don’t let “brain fog”, last minute wake ups and 30 minute snooze resets take over your mornings. Give yourself the gift of the healthy habits YOU KNOW YOU NEED to start your mornings right. VALUE yourself enough to FOLLOW THROUGH.

Remember, You Are All Exceptional!

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