Breaking Analysis Paralysis

Analysis paralysis is that state we sometimes reach when starting a new endeavor. It often seems that as soon as we start to learn a new skill, it quickly becomes evident that there is an almost overabundance of information. Suddenly we go from excitement to panic. We go from confidence to questioning our ability to reach the goal we have set. The cause… So much information we totally lose sight of where to even start and begin to feel small under the giant mass of information before us. As a result, we get so stuck in our own thoughts and doubts that we completely cease to take any action at all. That is analysis paralysis. It is a frustrating place to be, trust me, I know. I’ve been there. Below are a few mindset resets that have been helpful in my life to overcome this issue.

Let go of the expectation that you should already know everything, rather create the expectation that everything is a chance to learn more.

Let go of the panic and the rush. Utilize the energy that comes from anxiety, and transform it into the energy of wide-eyed enthusiasm (try this with eyes closed as a visualization of the transformation).

Recognize that whatever you know comes from a unique perspective. The combination of all of your experiences throughout life. It is a combination that no one can replicate. As a result, you already know something of value. You already have insight that no one else does. You already have an offer.

The point being, you already know enough to start. And if you really feel you don’t, then I promise you, if you look inside yourself, you can find what you think you are lacking, and make that your starting point. Which again means, YOU ALREADY KNOW ENOUGH TO START. So I ask you, if you are struggling to start something, if you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, read again the above sentences until they are a part of you. Then start.

And always remember, You are Exceptional!

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