There is no “too late”

I’m going to be real honest with you all. This post is as much a reminder for myself as it is meant to aid all of you. Most of you may have already heard of this expression but, for those of you who have not, “too late” is a state of mind in which you believe that nothing can be done to change a particular outcome and therefore you chose to surrender your power to what you believe is the inevitable outcome.

Every feeling we will experience throughout our lives is the result of our perception. For me, I often find myself inclined to say it is too late when I feel overwhelmed by a particular situation. It happens when some part of my mind decides that relinquishing control is easier than trying to make more choices. Often, my mind is probably right in the short term. Not taking control is always easier than maintaining it. It is our subconscious seeking release from stress. However, it is rarely to our benefit. Let me propose a scenario for you. You are walking along the street and as you pass a building an air conditioner falls out of a window two stories up. You don’t notice it right away. You look up and it is only 10 feet away from you. You have a number of options still but, the two primary ones are to take action or to accept that you will be hit by the air conditioner and there is nothing you can do, just wait for it to happen. The latter is the “too late” option. I know it sounds a bit silly but, it is the exact same process of surrendering in the mind and why it is… never too late. Even if you can’t completely avoid the air conditioner you can still make steps to improve you situation. Maybe it lands on your foot instead of your head. Even though it may not be the vision of the ultimate goal (completely dodging) it is still an improvement in your situation. Similarly, despite challenges both expected and unexpected that may result in less then the total outcome we desire in ANY situation, any steps we continue to take bring us closer to being able to achieve what it is we are seeking.

I ask this… Next time you find yourself thinking its too late, take the next moment to think of what the next step would have been if you didn’t accept it was too late and then… TAKE THAT STEP ANYWAY! It’ll be worth it. Every. Single. Time.

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