Inspiration… Inspiration?

What is the purpose of inspiration? Why do we want it, what is it good for besides a buzz word? In my experience Inspiration is most often looked for to provide the impetus of change. We know change is hard or that particular change is hard so we want to find an optimistic and enjoyable way to make it happen… insert INSPIRATION!

A few weeks ago I asked in a post on my FB page for some ideas on what people want to hear or know about. So this post is in response to that, you know who you are, and you are the inspiration for this post! Thank You. The beauty of inspiration is it can come at any point in the process of change. Inspiration and Motivation often go hand in hand in the beginning. Imagine looking at a small ramp. On one side of the ramp, almost to the top but not quite over it is a heavy metal ball. holding that ball in place is a partially deflated balloon. The heavy ball is what you desire to change, and the balloon is the motivation to change it. Now, walk on over and fill that balloon back up with Helium (Inspiration) and watch as the balloon pushes that ball over the top of the ramp and off you go! You combined motivation and inspiration to get the ball rolling on change. Motivation’s critical job is done for now, unless the ball stops rolling again. Most of us recognize this fact even if we don’t end up pushing the ball over. Now let me explain how to find inspiration for the long haul.

The key is where the inspiration comes from. To get the ball rolling, that inspiration can come from anywhere! A friend, a stranger, a cool YouTube video that inspired a new idea. To keep that ball rolling however, and in my opinion the best inspiration to use to get the ball rolling in the first place, it must come from you. How does that work now? It works through vision and clarity. When you decide on a goal you can make it as well formed or as loose as you want. You can say, hey, I want to be happier. So you watch a video of people being awesome or kind to each other and BAM!! Happier! Now you subscribe to that channel and watch it daily, which is honestly good for other reasons. But, what if you find you are dependent on those videos. If something negative happens, you find yourself quickly reverting. What if you said you want to be happier, then said… What does that look like for me? And you follow that thought. You follow it until you know exactly what YOUR happiness looks like. And then you start filling in the steps in your mind to make it happen. Now, you don’t just know you want to change, you don’t just have a ball, a balloon, and a ramp. You have a whole highway beyond that ramp that transforms that ball into whatever you want!! And most importantly, You can see what you want. You can visualize it WHENEVER you want. Now, take that image and FILL THE BALLOON WITH THAT!! To make a catch phrase out of it, fill yourself from within yourself. If you are one of those people that truly believe that if you start something you can finish it, this is especially effective. You can fill that balloon not only with your vision of the success but also with true inner belief that you will reach that vision once you’ve started! Now… What’s stopping you?! Nada!!

So what is your challenge with change? What thoughts or perspectives are holding you back? Take time to bring in the vision of what that change really will look like in your life and hold onto those results in your mind. Let the belief in your success be your inspiration! Have an amazing week everyone!

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