Life is hard. There are constant challenges developing within our lives regardless of if we are working towards something or simply going through the motions. It admittedly becomes even harder when you are working towards a goal, when you “want something more” from life. Regardless of your ambitions however, there is one thing that I have found to be almost universal among us that makes things even harder, and is perhaps, one of the greatest challenges we face. Judgement.

I know, you probably thought I was going to say Accountability didn’t you? Well, accountability is often very challenging, and intimidating. But the reason isn’t accountability, its our habit to judge ourselves more harshly as we strive to become more accountable. It is quite scary sometimes to take ownership of our lives as is required by genuine accountability. It feels wonderful when we are reaching every goal, when we are breaking every barrier. We can own that, take possession of it and say, “I DID THAT!” That type of accountability feels great because it is based in positive reward. But what happens when we don’t make our goal, when we fall off track or face delays? That is where the judgement in accountability happens. That is when accountability really be comes scary. When you become truly accountable, you own your “failures” as well. I put failure in quotations because failure is purely based on your perception and individual judgement.

But here is where accountability becomes one of the most beautiful things you will ever experience… The magnificence is found in the realization that yes, both your successes and failures are the result of YOU, of your choices. And then, replacing that feeling of judgement with acceptance, and realizing the power you hold over yourself. Accountability is the skill that truly brings to life your ability to control, shape and define your world! It is the skill that helps you say, “Yeah, okay, that did or didn’t work, but I can change that from now on.” It is the skill that will guide you to say, “I am here because of me, and if I choose, where I go from here will also be up to me!” Accountability is the start of true emotional and mental freedom.

So I ask you to think of the power of accountability. Think of the areas that you judge yourself most harshly and imagine yourself letting go and replacing that judgement, saying to yourself, “If I don’t like it, I can change it! I created this feeling/situation, so I CAN create a new one!” Imagine it until you feel, hear, see, and taste your inner strength.

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