What Makes A Perfect Moment?

The answer… You do! It seems so simple but it is not only a fact, it is a crucial aspect in understanding yourself and your reality. Not only that but understanding this one reality can have drastic and fantastic effects on your life.

Earlier today I was stressed out, I was at my “day job”, which is currently in retail. Its the weekend of Black Friday so it was a stressful day due to the higher pace to begin with. On top if that, I closed twenty minutes late because a lady who was insistent she knew exactly what she wanted, would be there before we closed, and absolutely HAD to get it this evening, came in two minutes before we closed and… changed her mind but… knew she was going home with something. We all left late and I rushed home ( I should note, out of the two of us, I get more separation anxiety than my dog does) to let my dog Eros out. It is fairly cold here, a crisp 13 degrees, late, I’m tired, and I just wanted to sit down but… that is the duty of being a dog parent, something I take very seriously. So off we go for our walk at the local park. I let him off his leash and we are meandering through the trees and into the field when I look up at the sky. Then back at the dog. Then back to the sky. And then… I realized, I am in the middle of a perfect moment. A moment of, in my opinion, total success. One of those moments when everything comes together and the universe aligns to create magic. In that moment, all stress left me and I was in bliss. And the truth is, the Universe didn’t change a single thing for me. The environment, besides my moving a few feet, hadn’t changed at all. What had changed, was that my values, and desires, what I wanted out of life, lined up with what I was actually doing, and… I recognized it! At least as my mind perceived it. Because, I opened my mind to be able to perceive it.

Its incredible how pliable our emotional states can be. While we may not be able to change an emotion as it happens, we can in the very next moment access a completely different set of emotions and perspectives if we so choose. Of all the lessons I’ve learned in my journey for knowledge and self improvement, that ability has hands down been the most wonderful result. I highly recommend to you that you start utilizing this power yourself. We ALL have it. It is step one on the journey to joyous life.

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