The Journey Begins

So I was listening to a podcast on marriage today by Jay Shetty. He mentioned how an Indian wedding was seven days long, it was supposed to symbolize that marriage was a journey and takes work and commitment. As an avid hiker my mind took off immediately. Okay, my mind takes off ALL THE TIME! Which is the point of this blog, to share my random thought on life and living with you.

At any rate, my mind went straight to hiking. I figure any person who I would think of marrying would have been on their fair share of hikes with me by that point. So what if we planned a very challenging hike, one that would really push us? And hike right into the wedding venue, because let me tell you, if you can live in the woods with someone and come out loving them as much as you did when you went in, that means something. And for me, that is just the kind of test I’d want for my partner and I.

What about you? What would be a good test for you and your partner before marriage to really test your compatibility?

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